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West Balkans Project progress control coming up next week

25 – 30 September 2016/ West Balkans Project progress control is taking place between 25 – 30 September 2016. The second phase of the West Balkans project is planned to come to an end in the end of March 2017. In this relation 2 independent experts from SEQUA and the German Federal Ministry of Cooperation and Development and the coordinator of the WB project from Koblenz Chamber of Crafts, Dr. Evelina Parvanova will travel several Balkan countries in order to meet the WB project partners and discuss the way they have benefited the project activities.

The first visit they will pay is to the office of the BSBA in Sofia. There the 3 German experts will have a meeting with the team of the BSBA and speak about the overall achievements and outcomes of the project. In Sofia the experts will have conversations with the executive director of the Balkan Association of Women in Crafts, Mrs. Anna Kirilova, and the Chairwoman of the same association and President of the Business Women Association of Macedonia, Mrs. Maria Gatseva. The experts will meet also with a representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moldova, a long-term member of the BSBA and partner in the WB project.

The major purpose of the meetings for the independent experts is to get an idea of the overall activities of the partners, learn about their capacity, the services they offer and field of activities they work in. They would like to get an impression of the legislative framework related to the development of the craft and SMEs sector and the political disposition in the different countries.

The project progress control will continue with a second stop in Nis and a visit to the Craft Association in Nis. The planned meetings there are with the craft association in Nis, the craft association in Novi Sad, the business women association from Novi Sad and the Chamber of Crafts of Bjeljina.

The last stop from the project progress control business trip is Tirana, Albania. There the team of the BSBA and the German experts will meet the Montenegrin WB project partners, Montenegro Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship, The Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Montenegro , the Kosovar project partner, the Handicraft Union Prizren as well as the Albanian partner, Konfindustria.  The busy programme of the project progress control team includes also meetings with Mr. Afrim Tejeci, the present director of the SMEs department Kosovar  Chamber of Commerce and Industry, representatives of GIZ and the German Embassy in Tirana.

All partners firmly believe in the positive assessment of the achieved project results and look forward to continuation of their joint activities within future projects and membership in the Balkan Small Business Association.




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